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Windows XP Turbo 3D SP3 2010 v2.0 + Rus MUI

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This Windows XP-Turbo ™ 3D SP3 2010 .. Stable, Fast, Safe, strong, charming three-dimensional look to images, wallpaper, themes, moving windows and every thing. Windows XP-Turbo ™ 3D SP3 2010 comes with neotemlemoy most important collection of useful software (optional install). Building integrated with the latest updates and patches. All this and much more. Of course, you will feel the difference.
New Tech Here!! Enter the exciting world with the exclusive tech .. (Future 3D Effect Technology)
It's Windows XP-Turbo ™ 3D SP3 2010 v2.0 .. Stable, Fast, Safe, Strong, Charming 3D appearance in the icons, wallpapers, themes, the movement of windows and every thing .. Windows XP-Turbo ™ 3D SP3 2010 comes with a powerful collection of the most important full programs (optional install). It integrated with the latest updates and hotfixes. All this and more .. Sure you will feel the difference ..
Year: 2009
CD Key: Already Slipstreamed Original Key
Activation: Already activated
Install method: Unattended
File format: ISO
Size: 700 MB



Programs Added: (optional install)
Avira Antivirus
yahoo messenger 10
Multiyahoo messenger regit
flash player
windows media player 11
K-lite Kodec
icon resize
Icon Pakager
Hitman pro 3.5
Mozilla Firefox 3.5
True transperncy
Vista Rainbar
visual Tooltip
Refrech icon cache
Crystal Rocket dock
Dock Vieena
Microsoft Geniune Advantage
Netframework 2
winrar 3.8
Advanced task Manager
Clean Unistaller 3
Error Repair proffesional V3
More than 15 New 3D styler Themes
3D Icons
3D wallpapers


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DOWNLOADS: Parte 1, Parte 2, Parte3, Parte 4, Parte 5, Parte 6, Parte 7

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Unknown disse...

Achei que ficou muito lindo! Depois eu vou baixar. Up!

Álvaro Paulo disse...

Ainda não testei pq a net aki é uó, mas logo qd puder vou baixar tbm!!

Unknown disse...

Testando *-*